How Allyfe makes enrollment and consent Easy, Fast and Secure.

Reduce the costs of patients pre-screening Improve tracking, reporting and archiving

Patient Enrollment

Throughout the whole enrollment process, researchers will remain in control of the patient's progress. The process is divided into sequential steps: their visual and intuitive status enables the researcher to follow up on and interact with the patient. This is crucial, as the speed of execution combines with the utmost precision and attention to each patient.


Simple and informative enough so you can keep up to date on the evolution of the trial. The researcher can actually visualize which step every patient is at. Clicking on a box reveals the detailed list of subjects, including filters and actions which improve and expedite the enrollment process.

Subject List

Beyond a comprehensive overview of all enrolled patients, filters can be used to select a specific population or status. Time-saving group actions can also be activated.

We help you engage more effectively with your patients thanks to our secure interactive system.

Instant Messaging

Our messaging tool allows patients and researchers to communicate via instant messages and notifications. Conversations are kept strictly confidential and stored exclusively on Allyfe’s platform.

Online Scheduling

Our online scheduling tool is easy to use and saves time for both researchers and patients. It is up to the researcher to decide if and when patients can book an appointment. The patient can easily visualize available slots. Researchers stay in control of their agenda.


A built-in Telehealth-Visit functionality using standard and secure protocols. The researcher can interact with a patient at any time during the conduct of the study, and enrich the patient's medical profile with useful notes.


Extending  patient enrollment facilitation to consent procedures: remote authentication & electronic signatures simplify and accelerate the management of (optional) consent and reconsent.

Tags & Population
Tags are assigned to each patient. They can represent clinical or non-medical attributes. These tags can be activated to filter sub-groups, which is instrumental in reconsent procedures.
ICF Builder
A specific ICF can be set up by the researcher for every trial, including new consent forms for sub-populations in case of amendments to the clinical protocol. The configuration process, through the "Trial Setting" menu, is easy and intuitive.
Digital Authentication
The authentication of patients has never been so simple, secure and fast. At every step there is a precise description that leaves nothing to chance or errors.
Electronic Signature
Thanks to the digital authentication, it is possible  to electronically sign the informed consent document in a secure and compliant way.

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