We are on a mission to reimagine patient enrollment and engagement in clinical trials.

Why Allyfe?

Our Values

We are on a mission to reimagine the interaction between patients and researchers in clinical trials. To deliver on this promise, our actions are driven by Allyfe's core values: trust, transparency and adaptability.

We talk your own language

We understand your pain as we have gone through it ourselves. Allyfe has been engineered and designed by a multidisciplinary team whose main purpose is to adapt the platform to every clinical trial’s  requirements.


We take compliance very seriously. That’s the reason why Allyfe’s platform has been architected right from the start to incorporate by design the strictest security, ethics and data protection standards.

Leadership Team

Allyfe is a team effort, a mix of experiences and energies. It all started from a common wish to create a state-of the-art product which would make the patient enrollement process easy, fast and reliable.

Antimo Fiorillo
CEO & Co-founder
Ciro Fiorillo
CTO & Co-Founder
Jean-François Lecocq
Co-Founder & QA Advisor

Contact Allyfe

Having read and understood Allyfe’s Privacy Policy, et je donne par la présente mon consentement libre et spécifique en vue d'un traitement par Allyfe de mes données personnelles ci-dessus afin d'envoyer des informations et du contenu concernant ses produits et services:

Thank you for your interest in our product. We will get back to you soon and communicate the next steps.

Best Regards, The Allyfe Team.
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