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Accélérer les études cliniques est une mission qui nous touche tous

Preventing dropout works !

This article is based on a recent study carried out in Denmark. It scientifically analyzes that low dropout rate in a virtual clinical study of atopic dermatitis is achieved through weekly reward-based personalized genetic lifestyle reports.

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Nothing should ever supersede the patient-doctor interaction

I find it wonderful that when a ML software detects a tumor, a radiologist has to confirm it before any action can be taken. Human intervention always comes first. It is also a way to acknowledge that AI applications have been elaborated by human beings, and thus are never flawless.

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I simply cannot accept that complicated trial procedures slow down medical progress

The use of technology drives the number o fclinical trials needed to apply these technologies through the roof. And yet,ironically enough, it seems very difficult to resort to technologies to make all these necessary clinical trials cheaper or faster.

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About the need to actively engage patients in clinical trials

Although a trial can be stopped for many reasons, problems with patient recruitment and retention are often cited as reasons why trials have been halted.Studies on the reasons for this dropout phenomenon simultaneously strengthen the need for regular interactions between doctor/researcher and patient as a way to defuse doubts and discouragement, and paradoxically reveal new potential for AI (Artificial Intelligence) interventions into patient recruitment.

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Unity is strength, as we say in Belgium

As obvious as it may seem, our national motto is the main inspiration behind Allyfe joining Biowin, Wallonia’s health cluster, or, as they state: the gateway to health biotechnology and medical technology excellence in Wallonia and beyond!

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One of the good things that came out of the pandemic

This is the kind of slightly provocative (and thus catchy !) titles which has appeared more and more often in the media and on the internet in the last weeks and months. In most cases it was a celebration of human resilience in the face of adversity. Also the sign that the worst was behind us since we could allow ourselves to look for the silver lining.

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Digitalization does not eliminate the need for interaction between doctor and patient

Antimo, you are the CEO and Founder of Allyfe. Since you have been active in the field of clinical trials for quite a while, you must be familiar with the recurrent issue of patient recruitment ?

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Decentralized is the keyword

The Covid-19 pandemic has catalyzed the adoption of decentralized clinical trials. The increase in trial activities conducted remotely and in participants’ home has been tremendous. The conclusion is obvious: the future trial paradigm is meeting patients where they are.

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