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Features and Capabilities

A single point of access for users with a set of functionalities integrated in one platform.

What makes the platform intuitive and user-friendly

Trial Creation

Guided trial creation process

The platform provides Sponsors and CROs with the technical ability to configure each trial. They can select research sites and medical staff, define enrollment targets, set up populations and ICFs, configure a landing page, questionnaires, PROMs, medical forms and reminders.

Informed Consent Management

A specific ICF can be set up for every trial, including reconsent forms for sub-populations in case of amendments to the clinical protocol. The configuration process, through the "Trial Setting" menu, is easy and intuitive.

Trial Discoverability

Trials are published on the platform, allowing patients to browse, get additional information and select the trial they are interested in. Trial information can even be shared by patients or researchers via mailing lists or social media through the Share button. Specific patients can also be invited to join a trial by investigators.

Guided Patient Enrollment

Self-eligibility by the patient

As soon as a patient identifies a trial he is interested in, he gets the opportunity to fill in an eligibility questionnaire. The patient is engaged right away and without any intervention from the research staff. Investigators are immediately notified of the results of the self-eligibility questionnaire. The enrollment process can then move forward.

Dropout Risk assessment towards a dynamic patient management

The prescreening questionnaire encompasses inclusion and exclusion criteria, but also dropout risk assessment questions. These help finetune the patient's profile and give indications on how to manage his/her trial journey. Patient engagement is continually assessed throughout the trial. The goal is to improve patient retention.

Remote authentication & electronic signature

Patients who have been through the eligibility process have to display some form of official identification. The platform has the built-in ability to verify that patients are who they claim to be. Thanks to the digital authentication, it is possible to electronically sign the informed consent document in a secure and compliant way. If the paper version of the ICF is used, it is also possible to store it electronically as the official valid version.

Dynamic patient engagement

Instant messaging for sustained communication

The instant messaging app is routinely used for notifications, reminders, encouragements. It can be used at any time between researchers and patients for urgent issues and questions, even after the enrollment process if completed. It contributes to sustained communication, a major factor for improved patient retention.

Tele health visit for remote medical consultations

A built-in tele health visit functionality uses standard and secure protocols. The researcher can interact with a patient at any time during the conduct of the study (for instance for the qualification meeting or to explain ICF implications), and enrich the patient's medical profile with notes and medical forms.

Online scheduler for better meeting organization

The platform's online scheduling tool is easy to use and saves time for both researchers and patients. The investigator can set up and modify his own schedule in a very precise way. It is up to him to decide if and when patients can book an appointment. Patients can easily visualize available slots. Automatic, configured, and self-reminders are integrated into the platform.

Collaboration & Trial Follow-up

Custom Dashboards for a real time oversight of trials

Dashboards integrated into the Allyfe platform enable real time updates on enrollment metrics. Sponsors can react instantly in case of lowering performance and communicate with research sites through instant messaging. Sponsors know at any time and for any research site how many patients are going through each step of the enrollment procedure and how many have dropped out or been terminated.

Messaging channels for optimal time management

Messaging tools can be used between sponsors, CROs and research sites to follow up on performance, to manage issues or exchange information such as protocol amendments and more. Other relevant documents can also be uploaded and sent to medical staff.

Portfolio Management

Sponsors and CROs can get a simultaneous and remote view of all the ongoing studies in their portfolio on a single dashboard. That enables them to monitor site performance, risks and progress across countries and compare site results. The dashboards are updated in real time and customized according to sponsors' needs for optimal reactivity.


Easy Data Export

All the data of the study captured via the platform as well as notes and questionnaires can be downloaded and exported upon request. This functionality applies to individuals’ requests as well and guarantees data portability rights.

Study Audit Trail as per GCP requirements

A built-in audit trail capability ensures a secure, system generated, time-stamped electronic record which allows an easy reconstruction of the chain of the events to detect security violations, performance issues and more.

Electronic Archiving for paperless traceability

All procedures, including informed consent documents, are stored electronically, which saves time and storage resources, but also prevents damaging loss of documents and data integrity breaches.

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