If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles (Sun Tzu)

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global clinical trials market size is projected to grow from $57.76 billion in 2023 to $92.45 billion by 2030, at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 6.9% during the forecast period. This growth is due to the increasing development of new drugs and medical devices.

Within this gigantic and strongly regulated market, it is crucial for a trial enrollment digital platform such as Allyfe to differentiate itself from competitors. We, the Allyfe team, are convinced we are achieving this through the exceptional combination of holistic and pragmatic approaches to trial enrollment, added value features and patient-centric perspectives.


6 reasons why Allyfe is unique on the trial enrollment digital platform market....


1. Scalability & Bullet-proof compliance: we like to use the image of Lego bricks: because every Lego brick has been devised and manufactured rigorously, a wall made of Lego bricks, however big it is, is strong and straight. 

Allyfe complies with all EU and international regulations and integrates their constant developments. Data security, integrity, privacy and clinical best practices have been architected into the Allyfe platform by design. Allyfe can manage different sizes, locations and specialties of clinical trials while maintaining a constant level of efficiency, reliability and compliance.

Its solid yet flexible techinfrastructure and highly configurable workflows allow us to scale up a regulated software product across therapies and geographies.


2. Full enrollment coverage: in contrast to the siloed approach of some trial platforms, Allyfe favors an all-encompassing solution to the enrollment funnel. It guides patients and investigators from the moment patients are recruited and the trial procedures have been set up by the investigator according to his/herspecific needs, through the prescreening, qualification, authentication, consent procedures, down to final screening and enrollment. It even guarantees a long term follow up for patients.


3. Flexibility: Allyfe is agnostic and has been designed to fit the needs of patients, investigators and sponsors in all countries and for all medical specialties. Sponsors and investigators can cherry-pick among a variety of options provided by the platform to set up a custom-made enrollment journey. All our modules are highly configurable and fully integrated into the platform. Our single point of access approach ensures a smooth and intuitive enrollment experience for patients and investigators.


4. Smart data transfer: Allyfe has the technical capability of transferring data, previously sourced from paper forms or standalone systems (inclusion& exclusion criteria, results of medical examinations, (re)consent forms, PROMs and more) into an eCRF or any other recipient system through machine-to-machine integration or files export. Upon request, only relevant data will be organized, classified and labeled into the platform before export, avoiding the time-consuming management of unnecessary data.


5. EDI enhancement: the Allyfe team is very aware of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion challenges and the need to integrate them into clinical trials. The platform tackles them by promoting digitalization while avoiding overdigitalization: editing content to make it understandable by every patient, working on the ergonomics of the patient’s journey and combining automated workflows with more analog processes to include vulnerable populations.


6. Dynamic patient engagement and long term follow-up: patient retention and the reduction of patient dropout are a key concern for Allyfe. Detecting high dropout risk patients through behaviors and reactions, monitoring that risk on a regular basis, providing personalized reactions to increasing risk and sharing this information with the research team is one of our core activities.